mixtron product

Mixatron Advanages:

Unlike other competitors, the kinematic movement develops in traction instead of
pushing motion.

• The pre-injection system has been studied to grant a perfect mixing also with high
viscosity oils and liquids.

• Springs and metal components in stainless steel AISI 316

• Minimum number of internal component that makes the doser less subject to cracks,
breakages, less deposits and soap creation and easier to clean.

• Two inlet ports in the motor body makes the doser easily to sanitize (using this inlets,
the doser is cleaned up till the 97,5% without dismounting it)

• Quick and easy installation and maintenance

• Mounting and dismounting is easy and safe, because the motor body is connected to
the pump body with metallic inserts melted into the plastic to screw and unscrew the
stainless steel screws directly on metallic threads.

• Secure lock button studied to prevent an accidental alteration of the fixed dosing ratio

• Viton seals, as standard

• Thermometers on the motor pump to supervise the operating temperature

• Maximum viscosity of additives: 400 cSts at 25° C [77 °F]

• Specifically engineered for each field of application

About Mixtron

Mixtron is a young family-owned business, with headquarter in Reggio Emilia (Italy), born as a
result of over 50 years of experience in the precision mechanics, power transmission and
hydraulic components sectors.

Mixtron provides not just a technical and technological solution for each industry but a one-of-akind
system design and customer care service thanks to a significant ability to interpret
customers’ needs and market trends.

Due to an extensive sales network and associates in various application fields, Mixtron has
developed a specific wide range of products for the Metalworking, Fertilization, Irrigation, Car
Washing, Food and Beverage, Chemical and Printing industries.